A holiday with your dog in Filzmoos

Hiking with your dog in Filzmoos

Dogs are welcome in Filzmoos - but only when
but only when they are on a lead.
That's the way it has to be on the paths and in the forest,
because dog owners do not live alone in the world.

The dog always follows its natural hunting instinct
and thus quickly becomes a poacher.
It should have long been a matter of course for every dog owner,
the poop belongs in the bag.

A dog has absolutely no business on a farmer's land or in the pasture.
on the land of a farmer or on a pasture, he has to walk on a leash in the
there is nothing to swear about.

If everyone really adheres to a few rules and regulations,
there will be more acceptance, tolerance and peace in our world.

Dog owner rules - Please be considerate of the environment

As the dog excrement problem is getting bigger and bigger, we ask all dog owners to observe the following rules when "walking" so that we can all maintain a high quality of life:

  • Please pick up your four-legged friend's excrement. Dog waste bag dispensers and waste bins are available for this purpose on the heavily frequented dog walking routes. You can also obtain dog waste bags free of charge from the Tourist Office.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash! And this is for the protection of the animals. Poultry is often chased and sometimes even killed by free-roaming dogs. Sheep are also often seriously injured and permanently frightened. Cattle and horses panic, break out of fences and injure themselves.

Dogs are man's best and most loyal friends and bring us much joy. If everyone makes an effort, a healthy coexistence of humans and dogs in nature is possible.

We thank you for your understanding!