Filzmoos - a place of energy

Special spots in nature

Filzmoos combines an unusually high number of power spots.

Many locals have had their own intuition confirmed by the geomantic measurement of 17 power spots in recent years. Legends and traditions from ancient times, such as that of the Fountain of Youth at the Bischofsmütze, show that they did not just spring from a fertile imagination.

Further information can be found in the "Power Spot Booklet" with the story "The Lights of Filzmoos".
This can be purchased for € 2.00 at the Filzmoos Tourist Office. All power spots are also marked on the Filzmoos walking map.

Leseprobe "Die Lichter von Filzmoos"


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On the path to your inner self

Since time began, there have been places on earth which are seen or felt as special. On these spots today you'll find places of worship, sacred buildings, special rock formations, old trees, works of art, monuments or even just a bench to spend some time in thought and to let the surroundings work their magic on you. Thus, you become a part of momentous history and at the same time gain strength for your own life journey. Indeed geomants measure special energy vibes in these places, which as a whole have a positive effect on people. Sensitive, mindful people feel this energy quite distinctly. Some even claim to see fairies and elves dancing around. Others just enjoy the outward characteristics of a special place, which transmit an abundance of zest for life allowing them to recharge their batteries with energy and confidence for everyday life.

The mountain village of Filzmoos combines an unusually high number of energy-laden places, something the locals have always known and which has been confirmed by the geomantic measurement of 17 power spots. Legends such as that of the "Schwarze Lacke“ (Black Lake) and those which have been passed down from generation to generation such as the "Fountain of Youth" beneath the Bischofsmütze mountain, demonstrate that they have not just arisen from a vivid imagination.

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Have the courage to be silent

Power spots aid you on your journey to your inner self. These places have a moving, freeing, uplifting and healing effect on visitors, when heart, mind and soul are in tune with each other. It is this "animacy“, this unique total quality of the power spot, which can lead to subjective emotions. Which we can sense and feel with our undesigned, oblivious, resonant attention.

Filzmoos with its Bischofsmütze, a mountain with a striking appearance, is a resort with many places of heartfelt energy. It’s no wonder that for many years Filzmoos has been involved in the UNICEF project “A Heart for Children” and the “Path of Hearts” leads through the village.

Find your inner self

In a simple way, anyone can feel it - Filzmoos is a very special place.
Many say, they "calm down" so well here... What does that actually mean? Basically, nothing other than "centring". This "centring", which works so well in Filzmoos and especially at the power spots, brings us into our own centre, creates a connection with our inner self, connects us with the "primal core", the "divine" in us, with our own soul ...

Our soul comes from the same realm as every other soul - even that of a place. And because our power places harbour old, wise souls and have a strong "soul vibration", we find it easier there to connect with ourselves, to feel ourselves. That's why we feel at home here right away. Our soul remembers the original state - it comes into harmony....

The power spot guides are happy to help you deal with individual topics during guided meditation.

The Power Spots in Filzmoos

Pilgrimage Church with Filzmoos Child and its story:
According to local legend, two shepherds heard a little bell ringing and there, where today the shrine (built in 1820) stands, they found a carved figure of the Jesus child ringing a bell and raising its hand in oath. The shepherds took the Jesus child to Altenmarkt. Overnight, however, it returned to its resting place in Filzmoos. After the shrine was built the holy figure in the church was erected.

Legendary places:
The older generation in Filzmoos know all about these legendary places, as they have in turn been told the exciting and scary stories from their own grandparents. When we visit these places it is at first glance not easy to discerne the legendary characteristics. Hearing these ancient stories, however, inspires the imagination and lets the power and mysticism of these legendary places be recognised.

Legends: "Schwarze Lacke“ (Black Pool), "Meeräugl“ (Sea's Eye), "Kamplbrunn Fountain of Youth“

Places to experience nature:
At these places you can nearly always find an extraordingary visual landscape experience. An impressive tree, a fascinating course of a stream or a stunning view etc. are eye-catchers in such natural spots. Take time to observe the interaction of the four elements - air, earth, fire and water. When these four elements are sensed in balanced proportions, a special feeling of harmony with and for this natural spot grows within us.

Bischofsmütze, Almsee Lake, Gerzkopf, Kaserboden, The Moss on the Mountain, The Place of Cleansing …