Hot air balloon rides in Filzmoos

A winter experience of a very special kind

... float over the snowy winter landscape in a wicker basket

Low temperatures, snow, crystal clear visibility, blue skies and the low position of the sun with very special light are excellent and delightful conditions for ballooning. As there are no thermals in winter, the balloons can fly all day in good weather.

The beautiful snow-covered mountains, the fascinating winter landscape with a fantastic long-distance view - as far as the eye can see. Extra long flights are rewards no balloon pilot or passenger will want to miss.

Hot air balloon rides over the Alps

Jump in and take off

The idyllic village of Filzmoos is the perfect starting point for your Alpine balloon flight. Due to the special location in the heart of the Alps, an impressive flight is guaranteed in any wind direction.

The unique feeling is indescribable when you see the imposing, snow-covered mountain world of Austria passing by below you. An Alpine ride in a hot air balloon is one of the most fascinating adventures that you have to experience yourself to understand the unique sensations about it.
Ballooning in the mountains - a different kind of nature experience that every passenger will remember for a long time.