Long-distance trails in Filzmoos

Salzburger Almenweg

You can join the 350 km long “Salzburger Almenweg“ in Filzmoos. One of the 31 stages leads along bizarre limestone formations and spectacular views up to the Hofpürglhütte. A variety of mountain inns will spoil you with local delicacies along the way.

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Bible trail

The Bible Trail between Ramsau and Gosau is the connection between the Perner and Linzer trails between Dachstein and Gosaukamm. Bibles were smuggled along these trails during the prohibition era of the Protestant faith. This hike is recommended to be undertaken in 3 daily stages.

Dachstein Circular Trail

Discover the beauty and characteristics of the Dachstein range along the 8 daily stages of the new Dachstein Hiking Tour. This trail connects the three provinces of Styria, Upper Austria and Salzburg for the first time.
The daily stages require approx. 5-6 hours walking time.

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Leonhard's Pilgrimage Trail

Or how about following the pilgrims' trail from Salzburg Cathedral to the Leonhard Church in Tamsweg? Every year a guided pilgrims' walk takes place in July from Salzburg to Lungau. You can also undertake the walk by yourself. In the region of Filzmoos the pilgrims' path leads via the Mahdalm, Sulzkaralm and Aualm to the Hofalm toll road and on to Filzmoos.

Leonhard's pilgrimage trail

IVV Hiking paths

For those in the know: 8 permanente hiking paths!
Members of the Austrian People's Sports Assoc. (ÖVV) can choose from these tours:

Neuberg - Nestlerhof - Perlmais - Schäferhütte - Gerzkopf - Langeggsattel - Neuberg
11 km / 800 hm

Around the Rettenstein
Filzmoos - Sulzenalm - Sulzenhals - Bachlalm - Nösslerriedel - Weitenhausalm - Filzmoos
14 km / 940 hm

Filzmoos - Moosalm - Radstädter Hütte - Rossbrand - Dr. März Weg - Filzmoos
12 km / 730 hm

LOWA hiking tour
Aualm - Hofpürglhütte - Austria Weg - Sulzkaralm - Aualm
7 km / 350 hm

Almsee circuit
Filzmoos – Oberhofalm – Almsee – Unterhofalm – Filzmoos
13 km / 308 hm

Schwarze Lacke (Balck Pool circuit)
Filzmoos – Kleinbergalm – Schwarze Lacke – Schwaigalm – Holzwurmhütte – Filzmoos
10 km / 379 hm

Hachau circuit
Filzmoos – Hachau – Jausenstation Schnitzberg – Filzmoos
8 km/257 hm

Neuberg circuit
Filzmoos – Marcheggsattel – Neuberg – Richlegg – Filzmoos
16 km / 303 hm

Start cards available from the Tourist Office or the Leisure Centre in Filzmoos.