Themed trails in Filzmoos

Interactive online hiking map

On the interactive walking map you'll find all footpaths around Filzmoos with useful information such as length, altitude difference, level of difficulty etc.

Themed trails

Bärtl's Family Trail

Bärtl´s Family trail

Children's trail to the Moosalm

Children's trail to the Moosalm with stamp booklet

UNICEF Path of hearts

Enjoy a “hearty“ walk along the family-friendly “Path of Hearts“. This path and many others in Filzmoos are suitable for pushchairs.

Our matter of the heart

Ants' path

Forest nature trail on the subject of ants (types of ants, ants’ natural work, habitat etc.).

Wooden figure path

From the Holzwurmhütte to the Schwaigalm. The wooden figure path is also a nature trail for children, where you find out lots about flora and fauna in the region - puzzle for kids available at the Holzwurmhütte.

Wooden figure trail

Hofalm Nature trail

From the village square via the Wallehengut and on to the Oberhof and Unterhofalm. Learn lots of interesting facts about plants, trees, stones and the history of the inhabitants in this region.

Hofalm nature trail

Bachlalm nature trail

The shy marmot (known as Manggei in local dialect) is at home at the Bachlalm. He curiously watches the visitors without making a sound. The Bachlalm nature trail is also worth a visit. You’ll find lots of interesting information regarding wildlife, alpine animals, forest and meadows, mountains and mountaineering.

Bachlalm Nature trail part 1

Bachlalm nature trail part 2

The Queen's Trail

There are lots of beautiful spots to discover along the “Queens’ Trail”. Look out for the pictures the trees paint or find the “Spread Eagle”. Again and again you’ll get fabulous views of the Torstein, Tennengebirge and the Bischofsmütze power mountain. The Queen Ant also feels right at home along the “Queens’ Trail”.

Hike to the queen of the flowers