Myths & legends

The Legend of the Black Pool

Up at the Wurmegg there is a small, pitch-black mountain pool.
According to local legend, its depths conceal a golden carriage, upon which a fearsome lindworm sits and guards over it. This lindworm apparently burrows on two sides of the pool. On the one side towards Filzmoos and on the other towards Neuberg. Whichever side it reaches first will be flooded by water from the lake. It is also said that a dull rumble has often been heard from the depths of the pool, and it is supposed that this sound is the roaring of an angry dragon, and very often there follows a heavy storm. A golden coach is supposed to have been sunk in the pool by Romans at the time of the persecution of the Christians. On three particular Saturdays in the year the shaft of the carriage is supposed to be visible even today. Whoever succeeds in recovering the carriage will be blessed with wealth for the rest of his days.

Three young lads once tried their luck.
In high spirits they climbed up the mountain and the shaft of the carriage was to be seen. Two of the lads set to work straightaway and the third prayed for their success. As the two lads had almost recovered half of the carriage, one of them said to the praying friend “As you’ve got the easy part just praying, you only get a small share”. He had hardly uttered these words, when the carriage became heavier and heavier. Even with all their might they couldn’t hold on to the carriage any longer and had to watch as it disappeared back into the depths of the lake before their very eyes.